​Equine Insights


  • Next scheduled workshop in 2023
  • Lunch included with registration
  • Participant Class size is limited for more personalized attention

Are you a new horse owner or planning to buy a horse or pony for yourself or a family member? Do you strive for understanding and trust with your horse? Are you clear about building mutually successful communication? What do you do when challenges occur in your horse-human relationship? Also known as “Horses 101”, this workshop will cover the basics of horsemanship, responsibility of ownership, overall health and building a relationship with your equine partner. Presentations from experts in the field will provide you the foundation to build a lasting partnership, learn groundwork and skills necessary for trust and mutual respect. We’ll discuss herd dynamics, equine psychology using the horse’s natural language ultimately deepening awareness of your horse and yourself. Join us for a day of discovering the joy, confidence and self-awareness of horsemanship.


  • Develop horsemanship skills in a safe, educational and fun atmosphere
  • Learn leadership, communication, mutual respect and trust with your equine partner
  • Study herd behavior to build self-awareness and confidence
  • Safe, effective catch and haltering, leading and tying practices
  • Appropriate grooming techniques and basic equipment

Please email us at [email protected] for more information