About Horses Make Miracles

Horses Make Miracles offers activities for participants of all ages and abilities, both riding and non-riding with personalized plans specifically geared toward participant’s needs, goals and objectives. These activities include therapeutic riding lessons for individuals with special needs as well as traditional riding classes (English or Western), teaching of horsemanship, equine facilitated psychotherapy, groups that focus on youth (Pony Power) or seniors (Silver Stirrups), volunteer opportunities, community involvement, continuing education and mentorship.

We do this in a beautiful outdoor space with certified instructors, and wise therapy horses evaluated for temperament and specially trained, and a support team that ensures safety, confidentiality and engaging activities that enhance the participant’s life experiences. In order to offer services to a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds, there are several no-cost programs funded by grants or scholarships, in addition to fee-based and by donation-only programs.

Through our varied programs, lessons and workshops, our participants have rich opportunities to experience the healing nature of horses. Engaging with the horse’s spiritual nature increases one’s social well-being inspiring self-confidence, responsibility, teamwork and awareness of body mind, heart and soul. Life changing progress comes from the guided interaction with horses. New communication skills, improved self-esteem, increased self-awareness, new found confidence, discovering hidden talents, skills and abilities are a few of many benefits gained. 

Our diverse equine assisted therapeutic programs designed for individuals of all ages include, but are not limited to: autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, sensory integration disorders, Down’s Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, traumatic brain injuries, learning disabilities, multiple sclerosis, stroke, mental health issues and behavioral challenges. Some participants have tried other more traditional therapies without success, and equine assisted activities offer a unique way to engage with another sentient being who offers a trusted connection with non-judgement in the beauty of nature. 

Horses Make Miracles also integrates internships, mentoring and counseling programs that encourage other equine therapeutic techniques.

Programs are tailored to the interests and needs of our community.
Please contact us to co-design a workshop for your family, friends, community group, or work team.