Meet The Herd



Rosie was donated to the program in October of 2012 and has proven herself to be such a wonderful addition.  She is 23 years young (as of 2012), is a lovely 14.3 hand bright bay mare and is a friend and partner to all the children and young adults who ride her in their lessons.  Rosie has a fabulous disposition and is super gentle, trusting and patient.  In her prior career she was a “dude” horse and worked at a guest ranch carrying riders from all over the world safely through mountain trails.  This lovable little horse is a cherished member of our four-legged family.
Linda (Rosie’s human)


Lily is a lovely Quarter Horse/Paint mare donated to us in 2018 and is super friendly and loves everybody. She’s dark bay with a white face, beautiful eyes and is very striking. She’s 20 years old and is 15.1 hands tall. She was donated to our program by a young lady who grew up with Lily and won many awards in English as well as western riding. Lily is a very trusting nature with humans has taught many participants confidence. She holds an important role in our program as a dependable companion and friend. She’s been a wonderful addition to our herd and we’re blessed to have her with us.
Linda (Lily’s human)



“Jacky’s Misty Twist” was donated to our therapy and riding programs in 2010 when she was 21 years old and had a prior career as a working ranch horse and brood mare at a mountain ranch outside Gunnison, CO.  She is a registered American Quarter Horse and her impressive pedigree boasts a long line of champions.  Jacky is a stunning red bay mare with a large white star on her forehead and is a stocky 15.1 hands tall.  Her caring and gentle ways have always made her a favorite equine companion with participants of all ages and riding skills.  Jacky is trusting and extremely sweet by nature and is the “caregiver mom” to the herd as well as to her human counterparts.Linda (Jacky’s human)




Dakota has been a wonderful and dedicated equine partner since 2008 when he was donated by a dear friend and supporter of our work.  He came from Elizabeth, CO and had been a working ranch horse all his life.  He’s an extremely handsome charcoal grey Appaloosa gelding and is a big, friendly, gentle fellow standing at 15.3 hands.  Dakota is the senior citizen of our herd and is 25 years old (as of 2008).  In the herd with the other horses, he’s always a loner and keeps to himself.  When he’s with people; however, it’s a different story and he loves all the human interaction and attention he gets during lessons.  Being semi-retired, he’s not ridden very much anymore unless it’s with children on lead line which he always cherishes and is so trustworthy.  He’s a faithful, loving and giving friend to all who know him for the extraordinary special horse he is.Linda (Dakota’s human)