Wild at Heart presents

Embodied Presence

 Reclaiming your authentic capacity for connection and joy through a day with horses    

In this day long workshop we will be working with mindfulness based embodiment practices and the healing power of horses and nature. You will rekindle your creative juice and wake up your intuitive knowing. You will learn to ground these resources through your body so you can access them in your daily life.


Where? NE Longmont: directions given at time of registration

When? Saturday, May 18, 10 a.m. to  5 p.m.

Cost? $150

Contact: jackieashley9@gmail.com or call 720-308-2728


Workshop is led by Jackie Ashley

JACKIE ASHLEY, MA, LPC, BC-DMT, is a Somatic Psychotherapist and Dance/Movement Therapist with over 20 years experience. She is trained in Somatic Experiencing, a body- based approach to the resolution of trauma. Jackie has been integrating horses into her practice since 2001. She is passionate about bringing people in contact with their innate power through creativity, community and body awareness in the presence of horses. wildathearttherapy.com.

Women With Wings

A “Horse Womanship” Workshop

Sunday, June 9, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • Discover something new about yourself through this contemplative workshop.
  • Allow the wisdom of your equine partner to open your heart and guide you towards self-awareness, inner peace and joy of life.
  • Experience the strength and beauty of the majestic horse as your non-judgmental companion on this journey to facilitate healthy communication with all in your group, human and equine.

This workshop includes catching and haltering, leading, riding, groundwork exercises, equine communication, herd behavior, yoga on horseback, team building, personal reflection, and more!

Register at horseteacher@gmail.com or call Linda at 303.250.8787.

Horses Give Us Wings


Centering Yoga on Horseback

This workshop is much more than stretching on a horse!
This is a spiritual experience between you and the horse that connects you more deeply to yourself and the world around you.

Topics covered will include:
· A fun activity to introduce you to the horses and each other
· Adapted yoga postures both on and off the horse focusing on breathing and mindful connection with the horse.
You'll get to try doing the yoga poses while the horse is moving - a true test of
balance and relaxation!